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In the design of custom homes, we have one overriding goal: The house should feel like home to the family for which it 

was designed. This goal has led to the study of many styles of architecture, from classic to contemporary, in order to 

successfully draw from the historical precedents that form many of our images of "home".




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Gather ideas from Magazines, Books, TV, internet, Photos of renovation projects

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Renovation Project Sizes

Is specialized knowledge required of the Alberta Building Code and of local zoning requirements, bylaws and permits? 

Who would best have this knowledge?




In a word, a successful renovation should be described as "harmonious."

Designer's vocabulary and areas of consideration will be Functionality, Appearance, Aesthetics, Character, Style, 

Massing, Proportion, Scale, Site Solutions, Light, View, Volume, Rhythm, Symmetry, Finishes, Decor, and Color Scheme. 

Good working knowledge of the Alberta Building Code, civic bylaws and zoning requirements.




Houses are where life happens. Activities need a place to occur; events need the proper atmosphere, proper size, and 

necessary features.




Light is the definer of spaces. Abundant daylight and innovatively appropriate artificial light are hallmarks of our designs.




Most of the creation of moods within a home is in the details. The scale and proportion of the woodworking, the proper 

selection of materials, the subtle interplay of the constructed elements and the furnishings. And consistency without 

uniformity - the concept of "theme and variations" raises a home from a melody to a symphony.




Families don't occur in isolation; neither do homes. We strive to develop connectivity within a comprehensive design: 

Indoor spaces connected to outdoor spaces; interior spaces connected one to another. Our primary concern is for the 

whole site and home to complement each other and function harmoniously.




Since our primary goal is to create your home, we work hard to keep communications clear. We endeavor to, as best 

we can, really understand your dreams and goals. Our communications are not only verbal and written, but illustrative, 

particularly when the discussion is a design issue.




A successful project needs a team of like-minded professionals all striving for the same goal. We usually work with 

Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, and Contractors and Craftsmen to fully utilize their talents and 

experience to produce the very best possible home.




A house must function properly. Circulation must enhance the daily flow of events as well as enable the special events 

to function smoothly