CAFM       "Computer Aided Facility (information) Management"

CIFM        "Computer Integrated Facility Management"


The recent availability of some excellent new software to assist in the understanding and management of large corporate facilities has enticed numerous companies to want to have their own in-house "facility information" systems. Others simply put off taking the plunge into the information revolution!


Both can be costly avenues. The EDGE offers a comprehensive yet cost-effective alternative why not outsource it?

"Systems to provide you with the information you need when you need it!"


The EDGE Design has been providing CAFM Services to our clients since 1993. Because each facility Owner/Manager has different needs, you define the information you need -- and we establish the system to provide it!!


Our experienced CAFM team can provide you with all kinds of facility information from electronic floor plans, space utilization figures and staff locations right on through Furniture Fixture & Equipment inventories, Leasing information and Space Needs forecasting

"Good CAD plans generally form the basis of CAFM systems!"


Whether you need a full-blown CAFM system or just want to maintain an up-to-date and usable building floor plan database, the first step is creating accurate CAD facility plans. The EDGE can develop a digital library of plans based on your current library of building and site blueprints; or if you don't have them, we can perform an on-site architectural survey. (Inputting plan information yields more accurate data than simply scanning it.)


Your new library will allow you easy access to your facility's plans and will provide the opportunity to keep those plans current as changes are made. Your staff can enter the updates or we can do it for you. Once established, this CAD database can be used at any time to make hard-copy drawings for your use in the field, for marketing, way finding, maintenance or whatever suits your needs.


The EDGE can help you with the first steps on the road to full Computer Aided Facility Management:

Facility CAD Plans
- Creating the Base Maps of Your Facility

Library Management
- Managing the integrity of CAD files shared by Consultants

"Now - your staff can make informed facility-related decisions, increase space use efficiency, accurately forecast space needs, and assist in strategic planning!"


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What can CAFM do for you? It can provide the information you need for planning and forecasting, for establishing cost charge-backs, inventorying FF&E, managing moves, etc. -- the reports it can generate and uses it can serve are endless.


CAFM is the addition of information (data) of any type, such as square footage information, furniture or equipment information, occupant information or leasing information to CAD (computer aided drafting) files for storage and later retrieval. CAFM services are infinitely flexible.

Space Management

Asset Management

Move Management

Lease and Property Management

Strategic Planning

Work Order Tracking

"How to access this information - EASY!!"


New delivery systems make access to information easy! Software applications to make access to your Facilities information easy and in "layman's language" are readily available. Your financial analysts, engineers, project managers and strategic planners can all pull useful facts from the system with no special knowledge of CAFM. And, you can decide who to give access to and how broadly to distribute it!

"We can help your staff to move in the right direction or why not Outsource it?"


The EDGE has developed a wide range of CAD and CAFM based services to support you in managing and maintaining your facilities.

Take advantage of outsourcing - Others have! Services & Systems can be tailored to meet your needs!


Whether you decide to Outsource your entire CAFM system management or appoint your own staff to the continual maintenance of the system, The EDGE can assist your start in the right direction and encourage you to continue along that path.


                            We can get you started with organized, accurate facility CAD plans

                            We can establish good working procedures, manuals, and standards

                            If you share these plans with consultants, we can set up file management systems to assure long-term viability of the archives

                            We can maintain these documents and make them Intranet or Internet accessible

                            We can initially set up and continue to maintain all the added CAFM information you wish to track!