Whether you need a full-blown CAFM system or just want to maintain an up-to-date and usable building floor plan database, the first step is creating accurate CAD facility plans. The EDGE can develop a digital library of plans based on your current library of building and site blueprints; or if you don't have them, we can perform an on-site architectural survey. (Inputting plan information yields considerably more accurate data than simply scanning it.) The EDGE can collaborate with your organization to develop strategies and standards for your data base development.

Your new library will allow you easy access to your facility's plans and will provide the opportunity to keep those plans current as changes are made. Your staff can enter the updates or we can do it for you. Once established, this CAD database can be used at any time to make hard-copy drawings for your use in the field, for Marketing, Appraisal drawings, Way Finding, Renovation plans for designers or Maintenance programs.  One of the best features of electronic data bases is that they can easily be modified and therefore inexpensively kept current.

It is essential that realtors and tenants employ correct floor areas when preparing a premises for lease or sale. The EDGE specializes in building area analysis. Our measuring expertise ensures that measurements are compliant with any viable measuring standard including BOMA 1980 & BOMA 1996. The BOMA Standard is widely recognized as the definitive approach to measuring commercial office buildings in North America. For industrial, retail and civic applications, we apply a variety of non-BOMA approaches to measurement, including SIOR, Governmental and Lease-Specific measuring definitions.

The EDGE offers four levels of as-built data bases:

1 - Budget    2 - Economy    3 - Standard    4 - Comprehensive                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Ultimately, the most important factor in measuring any building is experience. The EDGE has measured hundreds of buildings for numerous clients.  We use superior measuring techniques and the most advanced technology available to produce the most accurate floor plans.

Our fees our based on the total gross square footage of the delivered floor plans.  The fee rates are determined by several factors such as: building complexity, level of detail, building use, and access restrictions.  Specified areas may be completed in scheduled phases for larger projects.

As-built data is developed on AutoCAD software and provided on CD-R media for archiving.  This information is accompanied by 8 1/2" x 11" plots delivered by common shipping methods.  To ensure prompt access to completed work we will also send the electronic files by e-mail.